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About Us

Our venue will be unlike any other café and restaurant in Perth with use of influences from our heritages and experience.

A peasant style food menu with the price point to support our concept. We will be using a lot of cheaper meat cuts and cheaper produce in our menu to show case the diversity of our talent and creativity.

Our venue will have a greater purpose of creating awareness around the socio-economic issues affecting Perth. We will target the issues around the homeless in Perth and with the ongoing relationship with Homeless Healthcare we will donate proceeds from our ongoing monthly events to Homeless healthcare.Our passion will be to create a movement of homeless awareness through our venue and hopefully spread the message throughout Perth and the bigger picture throughout the country.

"Being homeless is more than sleeping rough: a homeless person does not have secure tenure over permanent housing. Homelessness includes people who are sleeping rough, couch surfing, staying in temporary accommodation, have no fixed address and those housed in long-term hostels and shelters."


Peasants Paradice – Our mission statement:

"If we as a business can change the understanding of the less fortunate to our community and loyal customers then we will not only be successful in business but successful changing someone's life."

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