Imported French Bread and Croissants
Home Made Meals
Dolce Italian Sweets
Passione Italian Food Truck
Passione Coffee (strong emphasis on this, on the supplier, on the region and the bean)
Roasted daily by the Northbridge Coffee Roasters
-roasted fresh
– 100% arabica
– every single coffee does come as a double shot
– Silvana
The Rolls Royce of the Silvana range, Gran Caffe boasts dominant flavours of dutched cocoa and dark chocolate, with an elegant aroma of chocolate and leather.
Its signature dark chocolate finish sends you straight to the gentlemen’s lounge surrounded by smoking jackets, cigars, and cognac.
(For this section, can we please decide what the most appealing and highest selling products are, so we will provide images and make this page really appetizing and colourful to try and draw some people in. The list of products above are only my suggestions, but I am happy to go with what you think is best)
**Could we maybe feature some local producers to encourage cross promotion. A product of the month which showcases the creator of the Chutney/Mustards/Salsa’s. This helps us leverage off their audience as well.